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Liposuction Massage

Medical Massage-Post Liposuction  


Massage and Ultrasound Therapy sessions are an important and integral part of the post operative treatment for liposuction patients. They are designed to relieve discomfort and accelerate healing. Each session is customized and will include both ultrasound and massage therapy. Therapy may begin one week after surgery when the swelling and bruising are at their maximum. Sessions are recommended 2-3x/week for the first 2 weeks, then 1-2x/week thereafter.  The healing process can take up to 3 months depending on the volume of adipose tissue aspirated.

What Does Therapeutic Ultrasound Do?

Ultrasound equipment generate high frequency sound waves that are transferred to a specific body area via a round-headed probe. As the probe glides over the skin's surface, sound waves penetrate the skin's surface causing soft tissues to vibrate creating deep heat.

The Benefits of Ultrasound and Why It's Important

The deep heat generated from ultrasound induces vasodilation: drawing blood into the target tissues.   Increased blood flow delivers needed oxygen and nutrients, removes cell waste, relieves pain and inflammation, reduces muscle spasms, increases range of motion, and accelerates healing.

The Benefits of Massage 

Massage therapy promotes circulation which will speed up the healing process, decrease swelling from edema accumulation, aide in lymphatic drainage, break down scar tissue, and help the skin and fascia regain elasticity.

Will The Massage and Ultrasound Hurt?

Absolutely not! With ultrasound, the patient will feel a slight tingling sensation in the area being treated.

Massage releases endorphins, the body's natural pain killer.  The initial massages are light in pressure with the emphasis on decreasing swelling. Pressure gradually increases as the body starts to heal.


My mission is to provide comfort and compassion, with a gentle healing touch, for the duration of your recovery!