Stacy Greenberg, LMT
(516) 318-3190

The First Massage

Preparing to Relax

It is generally preferable that the area being worked on is undressed however, you should dress to your level of comfort whether this be undressed, partially undressed or fully clothed. A sheet will cover you at all times with only the area being worked on exposed. When you are through, lay down on the table as instructed and drape the sheet/blanket over you. I will knock before re-entering.

Your Massage

It is important to breathe slowly and deeply during your massage to allow the most oxygen to get to your muscles allowing them to release tension more freely. I may ask you to breathe in different ways to assist with the techniques I'm performing. You will also be asked for feedback on pressure and technique so that I can perform the massage with the best possible benefit to you. Some people close their eyes and relax, some fall asleep, while others prefer to talk, what ever you prefer is up to you. After your massage session is completed,  I will leave the room while you dress. When you are through, I will encourage you to drink plenty of water. 


Prolong The Effects Of Your First Massage

  • Always drink plenty of water after your massage to encourage the removal of waste products that therapy has released.
  • If there is a sore area where deep tissue work was performed, apply ice for 20 minutes.
  • Take a warm Epsom salt bath to help remove toxins and further relax your muscles.