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"I give Stacy 5+*****!" Rachel 

 "Stacy is the absolute best! She really wowed me. Stacy is very experienced; during the consultation, she really listens to your complaints and takes them into account. I had a lot of tension on my right side and she gave it all the time it needed to really relieve the tightness and knots. She's very strong but will adjust her pressure to meet your needs. Great manner, too: she is kind, genuine, and gives her clients 100%. I would recommend her to anyone. You get such a great experience with Stacy!" Sophie 


"Came in for mainly lower back pain but didn't realize how tight my shoulders, neck and pecs were. I think Stacy could have easily worked 2 hrs on me instead of just 90 minutes and her approach has given me positive results. Stacy was the most knowledgeable and proficient massage therapist I have ever had, and that includes more than 30 I have been with. She understands the body and how everything ties together. She explained what she was going to do and was concerned about the pressure and my comfort level. I have a high threshold for pain and she didn't quite reach it. I may regret saying that during a subsequent appointment. Stacy provided one of the best massage experiences I have ever had. She is very knowledgeable about the body, concerned with her clients' well-being and customized my treatment to maximize the therapeutic benefits. If I lived in AZ, I'd be a regular. Can Stacy spend the summer in Wisconsin?" Eric

"Stacy is an excellent therapist. She is very professional and makes you feel at ease. She knows exactly how to work the probelm areas and give you a relaxing massage." Vivian

"Stacy did a wonderful myofascial release massage to my neck and shoulder area. She listened to my problem and offered good advice and exercises that will help with the tightness I have. Will definitely be coming back for more therapy from her. Thanks." Amy

"Perfect! Very fluid movements, good pressure, professional and extremely friendly!" Tara

"My visit as always was relaxing. The atmosphere alone walking into the spa is so calming. Stacy has been working on my specific issues for some time . I am finally able to get a decent nights sleep, and not be tossing and turning from constant pain and pressure. I am able to manage much better through my work day as well. This is a huge improvement for me! With each visit comes more relief and healing. Thank you Stacy!" Fran

" Stacy was amazing and helped tremendously. I'd been having alot of back pain and she was able to pin point the problem area. It was a perfect experience!" Theresa

"Perhaps my best session with Stacy. I told her about a few areas that were sore from my gym workouts and she performed various new techniques that really improved how I felt. I came in with pain and left with relief. I appreciated that she was creative and tried a couple new techniques that she had not performed me in previous sessions. Healing hands! Thanks Stacy." Andy

"Stacy did a phenomenal job. I have been going to your place for along time now and have been satisfied with other therapist but Stacy's technique and what she puts into giving it is beyond words. I can't really imagine it being better. Really! I had pain on my left side hip. After Stacy working on it went away." Mike

"As always, Stacy did some great work and I feel much better now. The pain is gone." Shannon

"First time at the spa, having been searching for a few months for a place I'd like to use regularly. Stacy was excellent and intuitive. Sad that I only could fit 60 minutes into my schedule." Neil

"She was great. Very kind, careful, and peaceful...just like I wanted!" Carrie

"Exceptional Service!" Francis

"I wouldn't have changed a thing. I have been to some high end spas over the years and have never received this level of massage before. My therapist was a true professional and knew exactly what I needed. She was great! I signed up for a 1 year membership and can't wait to come back for my next treatment!" Todd

"Another fantastic massage by Stacy. Stacy is not only a great therapist, but also a great healer!" Bart 

"Stacy was wonderful...she really knew how to get to the areas to address my problem...I feel like a big puddle of water! Will definitely be back to see her..." Sandy

"The Double Lomi Lomi was amazing with two therapists. The treatment was incredible! The two therapists worked together with their treatment as if the four hands were from one therapist. The Double Lomi Lomi with Stacy and Jackie was exceptional, what an amazing experience! This treatment is a must!" Paul

"2 hrs was heaven, 3 hrs would be a crime!" Russ

"I had a very therapeutic and relaxing session with Stacy. I have some chronic pain issues with my neck and shoulders Stacy was able to give me therapy to work out some of the tight muscles, and neck issues. I like her style and technique, It is very suitable for the problems I have.She used just the right amount of pressure to relax the sore muscles without causing any more trauma to the area. I appreciated that, as it is difficult at times for me to just feel relaxed and pain free. I left feeling great , a little more energized and ready to enjoy my weekend. I was very pleased with my experience today. I look forward to continue my massage therapy with Stacy." Fran

"The body scrub was awesome followed by a fantastic 60 min Lomi Lomi , which has me wanting a 120 min Lomi Lomi. I have had fantastic Lomi Lomi in the past, but Stacy surpassed my expectations. I always have a great experience at the Scottsdale location, and Stacy was no exception!" Russ

"The therapy felt great - pressure was spot on, and the pain was gone while I was on the table. The pain is still there now, but I'm hoping the therapy helped to reduce the time or the intensity over the next day or two." Joe

"I was given this massage as a Mother's Day gift and was so nervous about it, having never had one. Stacy talked me through all my "issues" and made the experience so completely relaxing. From my medical issues to my "old lady fat inhibitions", she really listened and was so caring and understanding.  I recommend her to anyone who needs a little extra TLC!" Mel

"Stacy is the best. Never had a better therapist. She keeps me in tip top shape to be able to train hard." Shannon

"I have always received incredible treatments from either therapist, Stacy or Jackie. They have an amazing touch and ability to rejuvenate and/or heal you. I have had the Lomi Lomi massage quite a few times and for me it's a most soothing and relaxing massage, and the ultimate way to escape. I finally tried a 90min "Double Lomi" for the first time with these two therapists working on you at the same time and it is most definitely the best massage I have ever had. It is a choreographed flood of the strokes that left me with the thought that I was King of the city. Thank you Stacy and Jackie!" Ralph S

Stacy was very professional and did an amazing job with my massage. She used techniques that I had not experienced before, but she always explained what she was doing and why she was doing the technique. I truly enjoyed my experience with Stacy. Jennifer

"Stacy is an excellent therapist. She cares very much about my condition of neck pain. After my massage, I felt better. Thank you Stacy." Francis

"Stacy is phenomenal! She has such a soothing and nurturing energy about her, and she really seems to care about the experience she is giving you. She is very focused on you and is always trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible. My massages with Stacy are always absolutely wonderful! Relaxing massages, but also great healing experiences!" Carly

"My husband and I were on vacation in Scottsdale and decided to get a lomi lomi massage. We had never had that type of massage before. It was incredible! It was very relaxing and therapists, Stacy and Jackie, were fantastic. We left feeling relaxed and our sore muscles were a thing of the past. Everyone there is really nice and makes you feel at home." Rebecca

"Stacy did a wonderful job of helping me get some much needed rest after she gave a fantastic massage! I had not slept well the past 3 nights, so I decided to try a massage and it worked! Thank you Stacy!"

"Thanks to Stacy for thoroughly explaining the treatment beforehand so I could make the right decision. Turns out the lomi made more sense for me, so we switched last minute. The treatment was outstanding as always." Joe

"Stacy is my new go to therapist for myofascial release!" Ralph W. 

"Stacy was amazing! As a myofascial release goddess, she explained what she was doing every step of the way and reminded me to breathe. I will be back!!" Lisa D. 

 "My latest session with Stacy was, once again, excellent. She demonstrated her knowledge of myofacial and musculature anatomy as she worked on several areas I have been experiencing extra soreness due to my exercise regimen. She also offered sound advice as to some exercises and stretches I should incorporate into my gym routines in order to minimize soreness and potential injury. Speaking with her about these issues is like talking to a friend as opposed to one who is solely clinically oriented. As I have mentioned before, Stacy is an asset to the spa." Andy

"Stacy was amazing. I had just competed in a Triathlon and needed a more gentle touch and she provided exactly the right amount of pressure and relaxation. I feel much better now and am ready to get back to training. As a new client, I did not what to expect from her, but I was very impressed with and I will definitely be back." Shannon

"As always, Stacy did an excellent job. I look forward to my sessions with her because I know I am turning my sore body over to skilled, soothing and caring hands. She is also to be commended on her ability to deliver continuity of technique. I had complained about a sore psoas during a session in April. She performed a stretch on me that helped with the soreness therefore she mentioned that she would do that technique again during my next session...and she did. Considering how many clients she has, I was impressed that she noted that and remembered. Stacy is a great asset." Andy D., Fountain Hills, AZ 

"My recent massage therapy with Stacy Greenberg was probably the best I've had! Stacy is very knowledgeable, very patient and has her own unique techniques that come in handy especially if you have back problems. I truly appreciated her care for details and all in all this was a great experience. I would definitely do a repeat treatment." Michael L., Scottsdale, AZ 

"Stacy is a VERY talented therapist that I truly enjoy working with!" Jeni P., Scottsdale, AZ

 "I've had many massages over the years but this was the absolute best massage I've ever had in my entire life. Stacy did a fantastic job that felt like I was in Hawaii with the waves crashing on my body. I cannot wait to my next visit!" John D., Scottsdale, AZ 

"Stacy was very professional and thoroughly considerate of me and my special issues. I would certainly ask for her again. Thanks Stacy, you're the best!" Patricia M., Scottsdale, AZ

"My session with Stacy this past weekend was outstanding. She performed very effective techniques on the troubled areas I had. Her choices of technique demonstrated her command of musculature anatomy knowledge. I also want to mention that Stacy has a very soothing means of applying the initial cover of the oil at the outset of the session. Other therapists apply the oil as a necessary 'to do' task at the beginning of the session where Stacy applies the oil in a smooth, soothing manner that makes it feel like it's part of the massage." Andy D., Fountain Hills, AZ 

"Stacy is incredibly knowledgeable in her work, extremely effective and a delight to have as a therapist. I look forward to our next session." Stacey O., Scottsdale, AZ 

Stacy is a great therapist, it was very clear that she has a great deal of knowledge & experience with the human body. I love a slow deep flow and stacy has this skill mastered in my book. I can't wait for my next appointment. Katie

Awesome as always. Zoned out and relaxed away throughout the treatment. Joe
Stacy is the best massage therapist. She always goes above and beyond to focus on my problem area. I will definitely book my next appointment with her again. Thank you Stacy. Francis
Stacy did a great job of explaining to me what I could expect from the massage and what it would entail. She did a great job - I was shocked at the number of knots she was able to release from my back/neck/shoulders. I had no idea I was such a mess! Danica
Stacy does a fantastic job with the Lomi. She has a warm and tender touch, and keeps me in the moment while at the same time relaxes me almost enough to fall asleep. Joe
Stacy is extremely knowledgeable and professional, having helped me regain full motion as I recovered from a shoulder injury. She also helps relieve the stress I tend to carry in my neck and back. Stacy has great intuitive abilities and always seems to know where my trouble spots are and how to heal them. She's a life saver. Phil
I workout, play golf, and sit in front of a computer all day and used to suffer from chronic shoulder bursitis, lower back pain and neck pain. With regular Waikiki (deep tissue lomi) massages from Stacy, I have been pain free for months. Stacy uses a combination of myofascial, deep tissue, and stretching to release tension and increase range of motion. Somehow she knows exactly where the problem spots are without me saying anything! Book in advance because Stacy has regular clients that depend upon her like me! Ralph
Stacy's Lomi technique is incredibly effective for me - I was able to relax my mind and totally zone out. Her movement was organic, and her warm touch was very relaxing. Joe
I get lower back L4 & L5 flare ups that really limit my movement. After a session with Stacy the relief of tension on the muscles helps to get me back to mobility at my level. Rob
I treated myself to a TWO hour massage with Stacy for my upcoming birthday and could not have possibly recevied a better gift. Stacy remembers exactly where my trouble spots are and I always leave feeling great! Dan L., Scottsdale 
Stacy is incredible -- a bit of a miracle worker. She helped me gain full range of motion in my shoulder after a dislocation. I went thru physical therapy with limited success. Then Stacy took over and was amazing, helped me so much. She's a kind, talented, gifted therapist. I always look forward to our sessions and feel great afterwards. I highly recommend her." Phil G.
Awesome, one of the best messages I have had. She knew where to work and really did a great job! Jaime
My therapist was masterful and kind. I only wish I lived here so I could repeat the experience. Thomas G., Dallas 
Stacy is always focused on the needs of the client. She sets the pace and flow of the massage to best suit those needs and preferences. As I told her, it is obvious that she puts the best of herself into the treatment, and she works with great sensitivity and skill. End result: a massage that nears perfection, and a client eager to return for more. Hank
Stacy is the best ever! Her attention to detail, like remembering how warm/cool I like the room is a testatment to her professionalism. Dan
This was my initial visit to your facility, and my first Lomi Lomi treatment. It was unique--and excellent. Stacy was very professional and informative with what to expect. It was a very soothing experience and I came away from it significantly more relaxed than when I walked in the door. I really enjoyed Stacy's treatment and plan to return in the near future. Matthew
Most relaxing massage I've ever had! Lou
Stacy gave me the best massage I've ever had! I was so relaxed AND I feel so much better! Tiffany
Stacy's lomi lomi is absolute bliss. She continues to amaze me in not only how relaxing the massage is, but the healing benefits you receive. I can't imagine anyone being better at this massage than Stacy. Ray
Stacy is very knowledgeable and follows that up with the proper and varied techniques to treat my ailments. Stacy's vast training and experience is very evident. Her pleasant and caring attitude is second to none, only matched by her skills. Ray
I had never had the type of massage I had from Stacy -- it was SO beneficial, and I've felt my posture has already improved! She released SO much tension in my neck and shoulders, and the effects have been lasting! I can tell she really loves being a therapist, which made me enjoy the session so much more. Dara
Another remarkable experience. Terrific and very kind. Scott
Wonderful Massage, Stacy is so knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. Really enjoyed it! Julie

Stacy is not only delightful as a person but she exhibits a very high level of professionalism as a therapist. She delivered to me more delightful massage in 60 minutes than I could reasonably hope for. I want to mention her particularly effective use of what I call "the dramatic pause". This technique is well known and often utilized by performers, musicians, speakers and others. These brief strategic pauses in the action not only add variety but, more importantly, provide a chance for those on the receiving end to absorb the message or savor the drama. Stacy employed the dramatic pause several times during the course of the massage, stopping all movement in the middle of a stroke and, without breaking contact, remained perfectly still for perhaps 30 to 60 seconds. During such times I entered a sort of meditative state and felt a strong flow of energy through her touch. It was exhilarating. Hank
Wonderful massage, Stacy is so knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. Really enjoyed it! Julie F.
Another remarkable experience. Terrific and very kind. Purchased a block of 3 two hour sessions and I cannot wait to use the remaining sessions! Scott
Stacy was fantastic. She was able to really find my sore spots, but was gentle. She helped me to feel comfortable and very relaxed. I've had massages before, and normally I have some back pain after treatment. After finishing with Stacy, I didn't feel that way. I didn't have any of the pain that is normally felt. She seemed to know what I needed and that is important to me to have that connection with my therapist. Really one of the best massages I've ever had. I am planning on coming back. David M.
My lomi lomi with Stacy was excellent. I really enjoyed the slow, deliberate style of long strokes and her skillful underbody technique. Her underbody work was the best I have received and I have been been receiving Lomi's for about 4 years. It was quite relaxing. I think my blood pressure dropped 10 points. Andy D.
I was looking for stress relief from a bad lower back ache. Stacy knew exactly what my sciatic pain was and worked my ailment with excellent results. After a few sessions we were able to relax the back and I was hiking and cycling again. Give Stacy a try you will not be disappointed. Rob
I float off the table. It just keeps getting better and better! Scott C.
Stacy does a fantastic job. She's really helping improve my shoulder (regaining range of motion following shoulder dislocation) and the massage itself is very relaxing and helps reduce overall stress. She is very knowledgeable and makes the whole experience very positive. Philip G.
Another amazing massage by Stacy. Look up the definition of Lomi Lomi massage and it says see Stacy. Each time I come to see Stacy it just gets better. She worked in extra attention on the trouble spots, without it taking away from the flow and experience of the lomi lomi. Would recommend Stacy to anyone. Ray L.
I felt comfortable with Stacy from the moment she greeted me and I sensed that a good massage was about to happen. Sure enough , it turned out to be not just a good massage, but a GREAT one. I just returned from Kauai where I enjoyed the Traditional Hawaiian Wellness Treatment at Angeline's Lomi. I understand that Angeline's is considered a mecca for those seeking an authentic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi experience, and, indeed, it was a highlight of my trip. But, honestly, aside from the tropical ambiance which no mainland spa could equal, the massage at Angeline's was not as good as the one I got from Stacy. You have a gem there in Stacy. Please don't ever let her get away. Hank T.
Stacy Greenberg is an amazing licensed massage therapist, I would highly recommend her for anyone with any sort of issue. She is skilled with so many different techniques that she is able to assist you in just about any body part that needs work. Stacy Greenberg is uber professional and a great person; she listens to you describe your concerns and will work her magic. There is no doubt you will want to return to see her for myofascial, deep tissue, or even her Lomi Lomi work. As a triathlete I have seen many professionals for work on my back, shoulders and legs, no one compares to Stacy. Lar D.

This was my third time in to see Stacy and all I can say is WOW. Familiarity certainly makes the lomi lomi that much better. Tried the 2 hour one this time and it was heaven. Ray L.

This is my second lomi lomi with Stacy and she's the best. You can't improve on perfection! Thanks Stacy!! Dan L. 

Stacy was fantastic again. It was only my second treatment with her, but it was like she remembered everything about me. Her technique is flawless, and her healing touch is amazing. I had a family health problem and went to Stacy for the lomi lomi. She was very supportive of our situation and provided extra care. Thank-you for the genuine caring you have shown. Ray L. 

Thank you Stacy for a wonderful massage today. I look forward to returning again soon. Dan

Excellent massage! The pressure was perfect and Stacy's massage techniques helped me feel much better. Annette D.

Stacy has helped relieve the sciatic pain in my hip and leg. She demonstrates a high degree of knowledge and experience in this area of massage. She is very patient and understands your needs. Stacy is very knowledgable and communicates her knowledge and experience well. Jerry G. 

Stacy was very prompt and we discussed my sciatic pain issues in detail prior to the treatment. She seems very knowledgable and experienced in this treatment. Stacy was friendly and very interested in making my condition better. Stacy is very professional and helpful in treating areas of pain. Jerry G. 

Very focused, understands aches an pains! Stacy is a keeper! Stacy has the know how I was looking for. She has similar ailments and has "been there, done that" on several things we discussed. Stacy has similar issues regarding her lower back so it was easy for her to understand what I was explaining. Rob R.

This was the most therapeutic and relaxing massage I have ever had. I felt immediate relief from my symptoms. Lisa S.

Stacy is wonderful I had so much relief from my session with her that I truly felt healed. She is extremely attentive and very comforting. Lisa S.

Very impressed with Stacy. A great therapist who was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job. Everything was well done, clean and comfortable. A really nice experience. Philip G.

Stacy was excellent!. She focused on my problems completely and explained what was happening. I am booking another appt. with her tomorrow! Pinky H. 

Stacy did an amazing job - one of the best massages I have ever had! I appreciated her talking with me before hand and helping me make a decision on what type of massage would be best for me that day based on my individual needs. My back was a mess and she worked extremely hard to loosen muscles and relieve my pain. I walked out of there feeling MUCH better, but know I need to come back for more help, which I WILL do. I am SO grateful I found you!  I had strained my lower back pretty badly and found my pain to be greatly reduced afterwards. 

Stacy did an excellent job. My lower back and right leg was really hurting and when my massage was completed my pain was gone. She is an absolute Miracle Worker! Stacy is Wonderful. Lonnie M.

Excellent Job! I highly recommend Stacy! One of the best massages I have ever had!! Mike W. 

Stacy tailored the massage to help with my needs and was concerned about my overall experience. Andrea M.

Stacy was awesome, she really helped me with my pain and how I can help myself between treatments. Julie F.

Stacy and she was great... very friendly, attentive and conscientious. Mike S.

Wow Stacy is great! She listened to exactly what I was dealing with and set out to treat my specific back pain. She gives a very different, but completely effective massage. She went about addressing my back issue in a unique way, and has some great techniqus that really help, both on the table and afterward. Thanks Stacy! Jenna G.

Stacy is wonderful and is truly awesome in what she does as a therapist. She is very knowledgeable! Cheryl S.

Stacy was great! My back and neck was really hurting before my massage. She did a great job in taking care of the problems! Jane M.